Young Bangladesh International Youth Summit 2017
05-06 October 2017
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When & where is the summit?

The 2017 Summit will be October 05-06, 2017. To know the Venue keep an eye at our Event page where it will be revealed very soon.

Who can be a delegate?

Any college-aged person from 16-30 with a social change project or idea is invited to apply to the YB Summit. We understand that depending on your individual situation, you may be older or younger than the average students. Feel free to apply regardless. If you have any questions,

What types of programs does YB offer?

The Summit curriculum consists of an opening keynote address, a variety of skill-building workshops, Short Talks (TED-style talks), small group discussions and feedback sessions, mentoring sessions, cultural and social activities, and a closing keynote address. We also have social activities meant to foster lifelong connections. For more information, visit the Programme Schedule.

How much will it cost to be a delegate?

YB Summit registration fee of BDT. 2999 and 50 USD  for International Delegates. Which covers Registration, Food, Resources, and Others. For International Delegates, the fee excludes Air fares, Transport and Accommodation but YB authority will be available to help regarding arranging for these. For assistance

Do i have to attend the entire summit?

Yes. As a delegate, you must be present for the duration of the Summit. The YB Summit curriculum is designed in such a way that it builds upon itself from day to day. The certificate will be awarded if you are in attendance for all aspects of the Summit. If you have an extenuating circumstance, please notify the authority beforehand.

Will there be accommodation in the 3-day summit?

No. All delegates will be released as the program ends each day and will have to report to the Venue by the Start of next day.

Can school students attend the summit?

Of course. We encourage the future youths from 16-18 to actively participate in such summits to gain exposure and experience. If you have an overwhelming interest in attending, please Apply Now

Can i attend the summit if i am not a delegate?

No. A limited number of workshop “guest passes” will become available in the weeks preceding the event.

What is an outcome?

At Young Bangladesh, we strive to ensure the creativity and entrepreneurial energy doesn’t stop once delegates leave the summit. Not only are delegates connected to a wide range of YB alumni resources after the Summit — including access to a global network of YB alumni, past facilitators and institutional partners — but delegates also have the chance to receive tangible post-Summit assets and opportunities to further develop their ideas  after the Summit. We call these opportunities Outcomes.

Who is eligible for the outcome opportunities?

All delegates are eligible for the outcome opportunities if they choose to apply.

What happens after the summit?

By taking part in the Summit, you will have access to a YB Alumni Network and resources that tries to support youth-led endeavors. The YB website–in addition to other social networking tools–will provide a gateway to connect with your fellow YB attendees.

What is YB alumni network?

After attending the Summit, you will become a part of the Young Bangladesh Alumni Network. Our Alumni Committee works to keep all delegates connected and engaged for years to come. We host virtual meet-ups and discussions, alumni mixers in domestic and international locations, and connect past delegates to new opportunities for themselves. The Alumni Network is a great way to spread news about your new initiatives, get help from your peers, or simply keep in touch!

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